My Religion: refined

                Okay, so I believe that there’s this force that is inside everything living.  It is all one thing…you and I both have the same force in us that makes us conscious.  And the force isn’t something to be worshipped or prayed to…it exists, but it cannot interfere… it will not change something or help you if you pray to it or whatnot. 

                Well, I also believe in evolution.  And I believe that when enough particles or neurons or synapses or something we haven’t figured out yet (I’m going to call this, whatever it is, “neurons” for the sake of having a word for it) interact with each other or move fast enough or something, then consciousness/the force is a) created b) drawn to that area like a magnet.  “a” sounds more plausible to me because if “b” were true then if I have more “neurons” than that guy over there, some of his force could be drawn away from him and to me.  That doesn’t seem to happen… but maybe it does but it’s such a negligible amount that we don’t notice??  “a” and “b” are both still in the running.

                I don’t think the force is what makes people “intelligent” but rather, more enlightened.  For example, I believe that Jesus and Mohammed and Buddah and that one dude in Iran in the Bahai religion all are more in touch with the force….their force resonates on a “higher frequency.”  That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re smarter than someone less in touch with the force… they are just more enlightened.  That also doesn’t mean everything that they say is correct…they can simply understand some things that the rest of us cannot.

                I also believe that trees and plants have this force inside them (which gives me reason to believe it is not created by actual neurons but rather some other biological thing…) and the more of these or faster they go, the more “conscious” a thing is/more force that it has…  once a thing hits the “force” level at all, it is living. (force level=level where enough “neurons” are present to generate/draw the force….so a rock doesn’t have enough “neurons” to generate/draw the force, meaning it hasn’t reached the “force level”)  More force=more conscious, which would explain a lot.

                For example, other animals seem to be conscious but we seem to be more enlightened in certain ways.  (NOT MORE INTELLIGENT.)  This could be explained by us having more “neurons” to generate more of the force.  This also explains fetuses.  They don’t really become conscious until [I think] 20 weeks… because not enough “neurons” have gone off or interacted or moved fast enough or whatever to create consciousness.  Now once the baby is born, more of these neuron things are created until the child reaches a certain age, and then they are either maintained or lost.  I think lost.  Or, at least, our connection with the force is lost.  This would explain why children experience more “psychic” experiences than adults… the children are more in touch with their force.  Now just because the “neurons” are lost as one gets older does not mean that the force is lost as well… it simply means that a) there is less of it, or b) the physical part of us is less in-touch with the force…   but I believe that it is possible to create more of these or maintain these “neurons” by practicing and meditating and enhancing our connection with the force. 

                Back to the psychic abilities thing: if you have as many “neurons” or close to as many as I do, and we’re both in-touch with the force, then wouldn’t it make sense that the force could easily flow between us since it is one and the same…not separate things?  And then wouldn’t that explain telepathy, and on a lesser level, understanding?  (Clairvoyance and stuff could be explained by a stronger connection with the force and higher frequencies [frequency=connection to the force] and therefore more enlightenment into stuff that we cannot know or see….)  

                Also think about other animals again.  If they have less neurons or whatever than us, and are generating less force/registering on lower frequencies than us, and if only greater concentrations of the force can flow, then maybe that would explain why they understand us more often than we understand them.  Our consciousness can flow to them, and they can pick up some pieces, or maybe even all… but their consciousness is on a lower frequency and therefore cannot flow up to us.  Like a video game: once you get to a certain level, you can always go back to a lower level, but you can’t unlock a higher level until you beat the one you’re on.  Our consciousness can flow to lower frequencies, but not to higher frequencies unless we practice and learn to resonate on higher frequencies AKA beat this level.  And if other animals have lower frequencies, then their consciousness cannot flow to our higher frequencies, unless they too learn to “beat the level” that they are at.

                Now, all religions deal with death.  I feel like that’s what I associate religion with.  Religion=explanation of death.  Well, when we die, biologically, our body stops working… basically, “dead” means blood is not going to our brain anymore (cuz heart is not beating, that/those vein(s) is/are severed, or not enough oxygen aka not breathing… basically, our brain isn’t functioning).  So I think this means that when all the “neurons” “die” or stop working, then we are dead.  But as I previously mentioned, I don’t think that means the force goes away, simply that our physical self is less in touch with it.  Which makes sense because when we’re dead, our physical self no longer works at all…it’s not in-touch with anything.  But the force is still there… however, it is no longer being held to our physical selves due to neurons or whathaveyou.  Instead, it is released into…existence…the universe…freedom?

                I believe the force is multidimensional.  Meaning, that if you are in-touch with it enough, you can also see or explore other dimensions.  This may be what happens when we dream or astral project: because the force isn’t physical, it doesn’t sleep… it continues conscious-ing.  (Again, this explains the psychic stuff that does happen… the strange things in this world.)  SO when you or I or that tree over there dies, the force in us is released into this multidimensional universe (or universes?)  Where it exists forever as one.  Or maybe it is recycled, and it really is drawn to these “neuron” things like a magnet.  So when we die, we just become another part of the force…we just get drawn to a thing with more “neurons”.  That kinda makes more sense since it would be odd to have the force accumulate forever.  It could also explain the idea of “past lives” that so many children claim to have.  The only issue I have with that (as I stated at the beginning of this explanation) is that it would mean that we could magnetically “steal” force from things with less “neruons” (like ants or flowers??)  But, hey, maybe we do and are unaware?  Maybe that’s why being in nature makes us feel awesome?  Cuz we’re absorbing more force from our surroundings?  That actually makes sense.  But would this cause the other things to die faster??  Or idk I need to do experiments with this.  How long does an animal, not around humans live vs. one around humans but not interacting with humans, vs. one around and interacting with humans.  Same with plants.  Maybe the amount we “steal” is negligible as said earlier… 

May the force be with you.

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